Training courses

Training courses



The training courses will be developed within the project and they provide a Train of Trainers workshop and a Blended Course.

Train the trainers workshop, will be organised in Spain and will be addressed to 2 experienced trainers, from each piloting partner, with the support of other EU partners. The training aims at developping the capacity of VET teachers to understand and transfer to students the main concepts of twin transformation applied to in environmental and agricultural study programmes in Africa.

The Blended Course, on smart entrepreneurial education in digital farming for teachers, will be organised after the ToT Workshop in Spain. It will include:

  • 10 hours self-paced online or remote offline study each month for a total of 50 hours;
  • Weekly webinars and/or events for the presentation and analysis of case studies, virtual tours of innovative companies and matchmaking sessions with the participation of African and EU VET teachers and trainers;
  • 5 one day long face to face seminars to offer practical training on the field to the participants.